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What is Dynamic Graphic Design

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What is Dynamic Graphic Design

What is Dynamic Graphic Design

The term 'dynamic graphic design' comes from the English word 'Motion Graphics Design', which literally refers to 'dynamic graphic design'. The earliest person to use this phrase was the famous American animator John Whitney. He founded a company called Motion Graphics in 1960. The main business of this company was to use mechanical simulation computer technology to produce movies, television titles, and advertisements. When John Whitney first used the term Motion Graphics, he only used it as the company name. However, this term was widely used and people began to combine this type of film technology, language, and graphic design The visual representation of design based on time flow is called dynamic graphic design

To this day, although the term Motion Graphics Design has been widely used and well-known, the connotation and extension of this concept are still not clear enough. In specific practice and research, how to accurately define this design form, and which types of design works can be classified as dynamic graphic design, different design practitioners and researchers still have different perspectives and perspectives. A considerable number of people believe that dynamic graphic design is a subcategory of animation, which is a form of animation that does not express specific plot; Others believe that dynamic graphics is a product between graphic design and animation. In terms of visual expression, rules based on graphic design are used, and in terms of technology, animation is used. According to Wikipedia's explanation, dynamic graphic design mainly refers to graphic design under dynamic conditions such as movies, videos, or computer animations. Common examples include font and graphics at the beginning and end of a movie, opening segments of a TV program, or a 3D logo that rotates a TV channel. American artist Matt Frantz defines Motion Graphics Design as "a non narrative, non concrete visual design based on time changes, distinguished from traditional film and television animation art, emphasizing that it is a visual design art based on the timeline. This is a way of understanding and defining dynamic graphic design mainly from the perspective of visual communication design. In September 2010, the Australian design website Motion Works launched a special discussion on "What is Motion Graphics?" An artist named Marcos Silva's viewpoint was: "I believe that Motion Graphics is a canvas used to express yourself, your creativity, and everything you want, rather than just moving text layout, changing the color of graphics, or moving other design elements. This is a viewpoint that expresses dynamic graphic design from a more emotional perspective

How can we understand and define dynamic graphic design in the face of diverse and complex viewpoints? Based on various perspectives from both domestic and foreign perspectives, we can consider and define dynamic graphic design from both narrow and broad perspectives. From a narrow perspective, dynamic graphic design specifically refers to a type of short film that is based on graphic design as a visual expression, has strong graphic design features, does not primarily focus on storytelling, and uses animation or video as the main technology, with a focus on conveying certain concepts and facts. This type of short film has strong animated features and is sometimes referred to as MG animation in China. This definition is relatively easy to recognize visually, but it includes a narrow range of design types, excluding a large number of design related to dynamic image types. Only a portion of the film title and channel packaging can be included in this narrow definition of dynamic graphic design. And we know that in the development process of dynamic graphic design, various styles of film titles have contributed to the establishment of dynamic graphic design as a form of design art.

In addition to this narrow definition, there are also a large number of design works related to time and dynamics, and according to this definition, it is impossible to find a destination in the design category. Therefore, based on the viewpoints of some practitioners and researchers abroad, we believe that dynamic graphic design should not be limited to this narrow definition. In order to define dynamic graphic design more accurately, by examining the development process of dynamic graphic design and considering its relationship with traditional "static" graphic design, animation, movies, and other related disciplines, we can believe that all visual elements such as text, graphics, and images are the basic design elements, and dynamic and temporal design methods are used as the basic design methods, rather than narrative and entertainment as the main purpose, Various visual designs with certain application functionality can be included in the category of dynamic graphic design. This is to understand and define dynamic graphic design from a relatively broad and comprehensive perspective, emphasizing application functionality, distancing dynamic graphic design works from ordinary movies and animations, and distinguishing them from conceptual images belonging to the pure art field. Under this definition, the extension of dynamic graphic design has been expanded to include more relevant design phenomena, which is beneficial for the mutual learning, influence, and prosperity of related design forms. For example, under this definition, flashing neon lights that use graphics and text can also be seen as a primary form of dynamic graphic design. In fact, any concept or definition in different social, cultural, and technological stages will constantly develop and change in its connotation and extension. Design itself has also experienced a history of separation from pure art and further development and growth.

Under the broad definition of dynamic graphic design, the scope and concepts of dynamic graphic design have been expanded and developed. Under this concept, the connection between dynamic graphic design and traditional "static" graphic design is not just a simple matter of adding animation technology to "static" graphic design and making it dynamic. It is the result of the natural extension and development of graphic design under new social, cultural, and technological conditions. It combines elements such as text, graphics, images, and sound from traditional graphic design with time and motion, By processing the positions and movements of these elements in space and time, and displaying and expressing them on dynamic media, information transmission, communication, or other functional purposes can be achieved. Since entering the information age, the information transmission and lifestyle of contemporary people are undergoing tremendous changes. Various dynamic media represented by screens have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, providing a large number of carriers for dynamic graphic design. Wherever dynamic media exists, there are almost always applications for dynamic graphics. Dynamic graphic design is gradually becoming an indispensable part of our lives. As a comprehensive design art form that integrates graphic design, animation technology, and film language, dynamic graphic design has evolved into a rich and colorful form of expression, content, and style after years of development, and its application scope is constantly expanding. It can be seen in many fields such as program channel packaging, film and television titles, commercial advertising, MV, on-site stage screens, interactive devices, and so on. Dynamic graphic design has become a unique and charming form of design art in our daily lives. With the continuous development of social culture and science and technology, the application of dynamic media has further increased. In the future, the application scope of dynamic graphic design will expand to areas that we cannot yet conceive of. From the overall development trend, almost all graphic designs in the future will have the possibility of being applied on dynamic media. Perhaps one day, there will no longer be the specific term "dynamic graphic design" because all graphic designs will have dynamic properties, and dynamic graphic design will become the unified design form in the field of visual design, while static graphic design, It is just a special manifestation of this unified graphic design on static media.

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What is Dynamic Graphic Design

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