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The Morphological Characteristics of Disc Folding Paper Box Structure

From:Buke printing factory of China步殼印刷包裝廠 | Author:China Bukeprinting factorybook0755 | Published time: 2020-07-19 | 3680 Views | Share:
The Morphological Characteristics of Disc Folding Paper Box Structure

The Morphological Characteristics of Disc Folding Paper Box Structure

Disc type folding paper box refers to a structural box with a lower facade and an overall disc like shape, characterized by the maximum area occupied by the entire box cover. Disk packaging boxes are generally low in height and have a larger display area after opening. This paper box packaging structure is often used for packaging goods such as textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, food, gifts, handicrafts, etc. Among them, cover and shake cover structures are the most common.

The main structure of the tray folding paper box

(1) Cover type: The box body and cover are two independent disc structures, with the length and width of the cover slightly larger than the box body. The height of the cover and the bottom of the box is the same or different, and they are closed in a cover type. As shown in Figure 2-38: Tiandi cover type (left), cap cover type (middle), and buckle cover type (right).

(2) Shake cover design: Extending the middle edge of a tray paper box to form a shake cover, its structural features are similar to those of a tube paper box's shake cover.

(3) Continuous insertion type: Its insertion method is similar to the continuous rocking wing nest insertion type. This locking packaging structure has a beautiful shape and is highly decorative, but manual assembly and opening are more troublesome. It is suitable for gift packaging and is often used in wedding candy packaging boxes and Christmas gift packaging boxes.

(4) Drawer type: composed of two independent parts: a tray type box body and a jacket.

The constituent elements of a tray folding paper box

The disc folding structure is a paper box structure formed by folding, inserting, or bonding around the box body. This packaging structure usually does not change much at the bottom of the box, and the main structural changes are reflected in the box body and lid. The most prominent feature is that it does not need to be pasted during the folding process, and the formed paper box can also be restored to a flat unfolded structure at any time, without

It can cause damage to the box body, which is the advantage of disc folding paper boxes.

The main forming methods of disc packaging

(1) Do not insert assembly: No bonding or locking, easy to use.

(2) Locking assembly: By locking, the structure is made more secure.

(3) Pre adhesive assembly: By locally pre adhesive, it makes assembly easier.

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