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What is gloss glue or matte glue during the printing process of the instruction manual?

From:Buke printing factory of China深圳步殼印刷廠 | Author:China Bukeprinting factorybook0755 | Published time: 2020-07-24 | 3793 Views | Share:
What is gloss glue or matte glue during the printing process of the instruction manual?

What is gloss glue or matte glue during the printing process of the instruction manual?

Over gloss adhesive, also known as over gloss film over matte film. Its principle is to apply a special plastic film with a specific adhesive, then heat and press it together with the paper to bond it together. The final product formed is a film that passes through a light film or a matte film. So, once we know the principle, let's talk about the conditions under which it is only used when printing instructions, what are the differences between them, and what are the effects?

Firstly, let's talk about their effectiveness. Due to the addition of a layer of plastic film on the paper that has passed through the glossy and matte film, it feels smoother, thicker, harder, and less prone to tearing than the untreated paper. So both in terms of quality and appearance, it is much more upscale than before. The way to distinguish is to tear a small hole in the paper, and if there is a film on it, there will be a layer of film on top.

So what's the difference between them?

However, products with matte film may not feel as smooth to the touch, and the surface will not reflect or shine, making it appear more profound. However, matte glue is slightly more expensive than glossy glue.

Based on our past experience, we have found that there were quite a few customers who had requested a glossy film a long time ago, but gradually everyone felt that it was too bright and tacky, so now there are relatively more customers who have used a matte film. Everyone thinks that using a matte film appears more profound and high-end.

Next, let's talk about the general usage.

Since the paper produced is thick and hard, it is definitely not suitable for the inner page, so the cover is usually used, and ordinary product manuals are rarely used. Generally, it is more high-end, and only those with higher customer requirements will be used. Because using this process will increase the cost of each product manual by about 20 cents. The specific price is related to factors such as printing quantity, whether it is single-sided or double-sided gluing. The products that are used more are color printing products such as picture albums and product catalogues. Of course, black and white are also widely used, and whether to use them depends on the customer's own positioning. If you want to look high-end, just go over it.

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