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The Morphological Characteristics of Tubular Folding Paper Box Structure

From:Buke printing factory of China步殼印刷包裝廠 | Author:China Bukeprinting factorybook0755 | Published time: 2020-07-19 | 2969 Views | Share:
The Morphological Characteristics of Tubular Folding Paper Box Structure

The Morphological Characteristics of Tubular Folding Paper Box Structure

Tubular folding paper box refers to a paper box with a high shape, upper and lower openings, side bonding, and the smallest area of the box cover.

Elements of Tubular Folding Carton

(1) Box body:

It is the main component of a folding cardboard box, divided into fixed surfaces and combination surfaces, which define the main forming structure of the cardboard box. The panel is often divided into a main panel and a side panel. For common rectangular cardboard boxes, the main panel can be divided into a front panel and a rear panel, and the side panel can be divided into a left panel and a right panel.

(2) Box cover:

It is the gateway for the entry and exit of the contents of the goods, and its structure must make it difficult for the goods inside to open themselves, which is convenient for consumers to open, thus playing a closed and protective role. The commonly used opening methods for box covers include: insertion type, locking buckle type, insertion lock type, adhesive sealing type, etc.

① Insertion type: The box cover has three swing cover parts, and the main cover has an extended tongue for insertion into the box body to play a sealing role. This structural design is simple to use, with the same lid and bottom as the box, but with weaker load-bearing capacity. It is usually suitable for packaging small or lightweight goods such as food, stationery, toothpaste, etc. This structure is the most common and widely used in tubular packaging.

② Lock buckle type: This packaging design structure is more sturdy than the plug-in type, as two swing covers (dust sheets) are inserted and locked together with each other.

③ Insert lock type: A combination of insertion and locking, with a structure that is more secure than the latch type insertion, but assembly and opening are slightly troublesome.

(3) Box bottom:

It is the part that bears the greatest impact of the weight, compression resistance, vibration and drop resistance of the contents. The design principle strives for simple molding and ensures strength. The locking methods for the bottom of the box include plug-in, bottom locking, non plug-in self-locking, adhesive sealing, etc.

① Non plug-in self-locking bottom structure: Utilizing the four oscillating wings at the bottom of the tubular packaging box, they are designed to bite into each other. This kind of bite is completed through two steps of "parting" and "inserting", which is easy to assemble and has a certain load-bearing capacity. It is widely used in the printing design structure of tube packaging boxes.

② Insert lock type bottom cover structure: The insert lock type bottom lock box is firm and not easy to open.

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The Morphological Characteristics of Tubular Folding Paper Box Structure

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