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What is the difference between regular printing and UV printing

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What is the difference between regular printing and UV printing

1、 Different processes

1-1. Ordinary printing: It is a technology that involves transferring ink to the surface of materials such as paper, fabric, plastic, leather, etc. through plate making, inking, and pressurization processes for text, drawings, 2113 photos, anti-counterfeiting, and other original manuscripts, and replicating the original content in bulk.

1-2. UV printing: It is a printing process that uses UV light to dry and solidify ink 5261, requiring the combination of ink containing photosensitizers and UV curing lamps.

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2、 Different technical characteristics

2-1. Ordinary printing: In addition to using conventional ink, almost all printing methods using other special inks (such as anti-counterfeiting ink) can be classified as special printing. Printing methods such as using glass, ceramic, enamel printing inks, metal printing inks, anti-counterfeiting inks, heat transfer and water transfer inks, and conductive inks for printing.

2-2. UV printing: The amount of ink used in UV printing is equivalent to traditional four color printing: there is less waste of UV ink 4102.

3、 Application of UV printing:

The application of UV printing is one of the most important aspects of the printing industry. The deep processing of 1653 packaging products, such as hot stamping, laminating, embossing, and various polishing applications, has become common, among which special effect polishing has become a trend.

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